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General Introduction

       The Contest Center is America's oldest puzzle contest company operating under the same name with the same owner. It is so well loved and so trusted that many of our original players from 1980 are still playing today.

       The Contest Center has Interactive Online Games. These exciting games of skill offer big cash prizes that you can win instantly. No downloads are required. They offer fast action and big tournament prizes. You can play for fun or play for cash.
OVER $981,000 PAID

       The Contest Center has held over 2000 contests and has paid over $981,000 in cash prizes. More than 2,500 people have won prizes in our contests.

       Solving puzzles is an excellent way to keep your mind active and sharp. Studies show that people who solve puzzles in their later years live longer and have better health. Puzzles, especially puzzle contests, make a loving and caring gift to an older person whose physical abilities may be declining.

       Skill comes with practice. Most people need several months before they start winning. Keep at it. Try a wide variety of puzzles so that you find out which ones you do best. Often people are surprised that the puzzles which seem the hardest are the ones where they are most successful. And remember, harder puzzles will have fewer ties, so they will have the biggest prize shares.
       Don't get discouraged if you don't win the first few times you play. Nobody simply picks up a violin for the first time and starts playing Mozart. Nobody decides one fine day that they would like to try running, and then goes out and runs a marathon that same day. The key to playing music, to running races, and to winning contests is practice.

       The hardest part of doing puzzles is getting started. People who have never tried puzzle contests may think it's too hard, they can't do it, they won't win. Those are just excuses for not trying.

       The only way to get started is to get started. Take a sheet of paper, and write down a solution. Any solution. Then set to work improving it. Soon you will achieve a dramatic increase in your score. You're doing it! You're solving the puzzle!

       With practice, it will get easier and easier. You will get better and better scores in less and less time. Soon, winning will become a habit. Winning will be routine.

It's easy to play.

To enter any of the contests, just follow these easy steps.
  • Solve the puzzle. You may print the puzzles directly from this website, or use the printed puzzles in our mailings.
  • Write your solution, your name and your address on the entry form, or on any sheet of paper. You can use your web browser to print the entry form. Just click on the printer icon. There are special black and white versions of the puzzles that are easy to print.
  • Mail your entry, along with the entry fee, to the Contest Center. The address is at the top of this page. Your entry must be postmarked by the contest deadline.

       Entry fees and subscriptions may be paid by check or money order.

Send email Questions? We welcome questions about puzzles, rules, prizes, deadlines, fees, website features, future contests, etc., as well as suggestions, criticisms, and requests for sample contests. Just click at left to email us.

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