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       The nation of Flupstanistan has a program of paving the streets in its major cities. Currently there are 1000 miles of streets, of which 500 miles are paved. Their budget allows them to pave 3 miles of streets per year. As the cities grow, they add a combined 4 miles of streets per year. Nonetheless, the paving project will be completed in 2478. How is that possible?

       I climbed into a cherry tree where there were several ripe cherries growing. I did not pick any cherries, I did not eat any cherries, and no cherries fell off, yet when I climbed down there were no cherries in the tree. How is that possible?

       Twins Cora Manfredi and Nora Manfredi were born exactly 6 months apart. How is that possible?

       A sailboat has a ladder of 12 metal rungs bolted to its side. The rungs are exactly 1 foot apart, and the water comes exactly to the fourth rung (from the bottom). When the tide rises 6 feet, which rung will it reach?

       Can you use the words SYZYGY and ONOMATOPOEIA in a logical sentence?

Dyslexic #1
       How many dyslexics does it takes to screw in a lightbulb?

Dyslexic #2
       How many dyslexics does it takes to screw in a lightbulb?

Las Vegas
       Tanya has taken two trips to Las Vegas. Both times she went with her husband Leo. Tanya's husband Leo has taken only one trip to Las Vegas. How is this possible?

       Which is worth more, a chest full of $5 gold pieces, or the same chest half full of $10 gold pieces?

September (contributed by Ross Ramsay)
       A man born in March has his birthday in September. Although he was orphaned as a young child he grew up and married his father. How is this possible?

Marksman (contributed by Ross Ramsay)
       A marksman hangs up a small tin can, walks straight away 100 paces, puts on an impenetrable blindfold, turns around 3 times, fires one shot and hits the can. How is this possible?

Marksman #2
       A marksman places a small tin can on a fencepost. Then he puts on an impenetrable blindfold, walks straight away 100 paces, turns around 3 times, fires one shot and hits the can. How is this possible?

The Forest
       How far can you walk into a forest?

       How can you jump from the top of a 100-foot ladder onto a concrete floor without getting hurt?

       Quickly: How many seconds are there in a year?

       What horse never comes out in the daytime?

Monday to Friday (based on a contribution from Miki Spurlock)
       This week, two riders came into Greenwich, England at noon on Monday, stayed for exactly 24 hours, and left at noon on Friday, but the two riders were never in town at the same time.
       How is this possible?

The Flood
       When the waters of the Flood subsided, and the Ark landed on Mt. Ararat, what did Moses tell the animals they must do?

* The Hunting Dog

       Two country folk, Wilcox and Harris, meet in Billingsgate. Harris has a foxhound on a leash.

Wilcox:  Where 'ave ye been, 'arris?
Harris:  I have been ahunting with me dog.
Wilcox:  Is 'e a good 'unting dog?
Harris:  Aye, Wilcox, this be the best 'unter I've ever 'ad.
Wilcox:  Then will ye give me the loan of 'im?
Harris:  That I will. I do give ye me dog. Take the dog. Now ye may go ahunting.
Wilcox:  Thank'ee, but wot's 'is name? 'Ow shall I call 'im?
Harris:  I just told ye.

       What is the dog's name? It is a perfectly plausible name for a dog. Be sure to explain your reasoning.

Solved by: Chris Robinson, Christopher Toh, James S. Dyer, Jr.

       Why is Ten afraid of Seven?

Which is correct?
A:   The Second Millennium began Jan. 1, 2000.
B:   The Second Millennium began Jan. 1, 2001.

       I was driving at midnight on Jan. 31. It was freezing cold in Kutztown, PA. I was on an isolated unpaved road when my car battery went dead. The headlights went off, and I coasted to a stop. There were no moon or stars out, and no human-made lights visible. Yet I clearly saw a mouse cross the road, and could tell that it was brown, not gray.
       How is this possible?

Mime (contributed by Ross Ramsay)
       A mime artist falls through a broken grating on a busy sidewalk into a dark locked cellar. How does she let people know she is there?

The Cabinet
       There is a cabinet with 12 drawers. Each drawer is opened only once. In each drawer are about 30 compartments, with only 7 names.
       What is it?

       Which is correct?
A:   Police search for whoever caused the fire.
B:   Police search for whomever caused the fire.

       How many bricks 3x4x8 inches does it take to complete a wall 2x12x48 feet?

8 Letters (contributed by Ross Ramsay)
       What word is suggested by the letters HIJKLMNO ?

Tail Tale (contributed by George L. Epstein)
       If you call the tail a leg, how many legs does a horse have?

       How much food can you eat on an empty stomach?

       What is 1/4 squared? What is 4 times square?

A Transcontinental Word
       Of all the words in the English language, which word is longest?

What Word?
       My whole is diligent. Remove my third and it is finished. Remove its second and it's a furrow. Remove its second and it describes this puzzle to those who cannot solve it.

       If it takes 10 minutes to boil an egg, how long does it take to boil a dozen eggs?

It's the Berries
Which of the following is NOT a berry?
       A strawberry, B raspberry, C blueberry, D huckleberry, E pumpkin.

       What popular actor's first and last names are the same as the last names of two U.S. presidents?

More Berries
       Did you check the answer to "It's the Berries," or did you simply assume that you knew the right answer? You might be surprised.

       Who leads the country after the vice-president dies?

Price List
       At the hardware store I found an item that costs $2 for five, $4 for twenty, and $6 for six hundred. What is it?

Air Disaster
       An American-built Lockheed airplane with a Swedish-built Saab engine belonging to British Airways and flying from Denmark to Algeria carrying Japanese tourists crashes in the Pyrenees Mountains, exactly on the border between France and Spain. Where do they bury the survivors?

       Rearrange the letters of GROW NO LINSEED to spell one single word.

What is it?
       The dead carrying the living.   (Many answers are possible... only one is best.)

       What nut does not have any of the letters N, U or T in its name?

Read It (contributed by Charles Prosser)
What does this sentence say?


       Which was the first planet to be discovered?

       In which state does Lori live?

How Many Sheep? (contributed by Joshua O'Connell)
       How many sheep must I have if I have two sheep before a sheep, two sheep after a sheep and one sheep in the middle?

       What common English word becomes shorter when you add two letters?

Salty Sea Dogs
       A schooner is sailing in the South Seas when some crewmen spot a sailor on a tiny island waving frantically. They send a lifeboat and bring him back to the ship. He says his small sailboat had capsized in a storm, his father drowned, and he washed up on that island. The Captain rushes down from the bridge, sees the sailor, and shouts, "This is my son. You have rescued my son!"
       How is this possible?

Who Uses It?
       People who make it do not wish to use it. People who need it do not buy it. People who use it do not know they are using it.
       What is it?

Not Twins
       Esther and Lester were born to the same mother and same father on the same day only 5 minutes apart, but they are not twins.
       How is this possible?

       The notorious smuggler Rob M. Bleind pulls up to the border crossing in a racecar. The guards realize that once he gets past the barrier they will never be able to catch him, so they do a very thorough search. They find a hidden compartment containing bags of black sand, cement, gold-colored marbles, walnut shells and some rubber molds.
       What was Rob smuggling?

Relations (contributed by Oren Nielson)
       Brothers and sisters I have none, but that man's father is my father's son.
       What is his relationship to me?

Rich and Poor (contributed by Thomas Brazell)
       What is better than happiness and worse than death? The poor have it, the rich lack it, and you die if you eat it.

K: Look, Fren Li, here comes that simpleton Phu Dhal Mya.
F: Why do you call him a simpleton, Kuh Ki?
K: Watch, I will show you. Here, Phu, would you like this shiny quarter, or this dollar bill?
P: I would like the shiny quarter.
K: See? He does that every time.
F: I think you are the greater fool.
K: Why?

       Who is the Lorone Ranger's sidekick?

Pronunciation (contributed by John Forrey)
       Which common English word is most often pronounced incorrectly?

3 Sons
       Bill's parents have three sons. The first is named Tom, the second is named Dick. What is the third son named?

       Rosie "The Rocket" Foodlemyer, the star closing pitcher, came to bat only once last baseball season, and struck out. Yet she had 2 hits that season. How is that possible?

* Quartic Yards
       You measure rope in yards, carpeting in square yards, and gravel in cubic yards. What is measured in quartic yards [4-dimensional yards]?

Solved by: Carlos Rivera

The Accident
       At noon on a sunny day, Lee was found on her patio in her pajamas and a heavy bathrobe with her head cracked open lying in a large pool of pink blood. The coroner immediately concluded it was an accident.
       What happened?

* The Train Ride
       The train ride from Plamunk to Grazunt takes 3 times as long as the train ride from Grazunt to Plamunk. Every train travels at the same constant speed. Both trips have the same number of stops, and each stop takes the same length of time. The track is level, and there are no other times involved, such as time to turn around, load or unload, take on fuel or water, or change gauge. There are no slowdowns at bridges, tunnels, grade crossings, switches, inclines, etc., and both towns are in the same time zone.
       How is this possible?

Solved by: Al Wilkinson, Hareendra Yalamanchili, MamaB, Stephen Weinstein, Nishanthi Sivanandanayagam, Delmar Fenn

       Do they have the Fourth of July in Canada?

The Gambler
       A gambler is holding 3 coins. One is an ordinary quarter, the second has 2 heads, the third has 2 tails. The gambler chooses one of the coins at random and flips it, showing heads. What is the likelihood that the other side is tails?

Everywhere (contributed by Ross Ramsay)
At the beginning of eternity,
At the end of space and time,
At the start of every end,
At the end of every place.
What am I?

       Three roommates go to the Foodlemyer Antiques Emporium and Junkyard and buy an aged lamp. The clerk says the price is $30, so they each pay $10. Before they leave, though, the clerk notices that the price is really $25. Since $5 does not split 3 ways evenly, the clerk gives each buyer $1 back, and pockets the remaining $2.
       Each roommate paid $9, totaling $27, and the clerk got $2, making $29 altogether. What happened to the other $1?

The Suspects
       Two murder suspects are brought in for questioning. The only statements the police can get are these.
       Suspect A:  I am innocent.
       Suspect B:  One of us is lying.
Which one is the murderer?

Unusual Words
A:   Find a 7-letter word containing all 5 vowels, AEIOU.   Answer
B:   Find a 7-letter word starting with 2 vowels and ending with 5 consonants.   Answer
C:   Find a 5-letter word containing 5 consonants.   Answer
D:   Find a 9-letter word containing only one syllable. (Can you find 6 or more?)   Answer
E:   Find a 5-letter word starting with 4 consonants and ending with a vowel.   Answer
F:   Find a 5-letter word starting with a consonant and ending with 4 vowels. (Can you find 3 or more?)   Answers
G:   Find a 5-letter word ending with 4 consonants and starting with a vowel.   Answer
H:   Find a 6-letter word starting and ending with consonants, with 4 vowels in the middle.   Answer
I:   Find an 8-letter word containing only 3 different letters of the alphabet.   Answer
J:   Find a 13-letter word containing only 4 different letters of the alphabet.   Answer
K:   Find a word containing all of the letters ABCDEFGHI.   Answer
L:   Find a 5-letter word with a letter repeated 3 times, in alternating positions. (Similar to cAbAnA or sErEnE, but shorter.)   Answer
M:   Find a 6-letter word starting with 3 consonants and ending with 3 vowels.   Answer
N:   Find a 6-letter word starting and ending with a vowel, with 4 consonants between them.   Answer
O:   Find a 9-letter word with only 1 vowel.   Answer
P:   Find a 7-letter word which ends with 5 consonants and is not a plural.   Answer
Q:   Find a 10-letter word in which one letter occurs once, one letter occurs twice, one letter occurs three times, and one letter occurs four times. (For example, PEPPER contains R once, E twice, and P three times.)   Answer
R:   Find a 6-letter word starting with 4 vowels.   Answer
S:   Find a 15-letter word with no repeated letters (i.e., all 15 letters are different).   Answer
T:   Find an unhyphenated word containing all of the letters CDEFGHI.   Answer
U:   Find at least 10 common words in which the first, third and fifth letters are the same.   Answer
V:   Complete this word: REE****EER   Answer

Z:   Find a Dutch word containing 8 consecutive consonants. How about 9?   Answer

       What goes



       As I was trekking on the pilgrimage up the narrow winding path to the Great Temple of Krishnanda, I met an elderly couple walking with their 3 sons and 3 daughters and their many grandchildren. The couple told me that 4 times the product of their ages was the same as the product of their sons' ages, and also of their daughters' ages, although all of their children have different ages. Also, the product of the numbers of children of their 3 sons was the same as the sum of their daughters' ages, while the product of the numbers of children of their 3 daughters was the sum of their sons' ages.
       How many people were on the pilgrimage altogether?

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