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I have been in Ane. I suppose I still am.

I became a smoker when I went to Bacco.

It was far too much work to fly over Burden.

I saw a lot of arsonists in Cendiary.

I went to school in Choate, but my heart and mind were often elsewhere.

I spent over a month in Cognito, but nobody knew I was there.

I have some evidence I have been in Conclusive, but it's too soon to tell.

I opened a new business in Corporation.

I hope I am never in Corporeal during my lifetime.

I have been in Cursion, though they tried to keep me out.

I am absolutely sure I have never been in Decisive.

I sent my letter of resignation to DeLoo.

I had a thoroughly depressing time in Digo.

I was in Dividual by myself.

I have often been in Dolent. It's my favorite place to vacation.

I spent a lot of time in Ert, but I got nothing done.

They respect my ideas in Fluence.

I just got a parcel of French cheeses from Age.

I became really angry in Furiate.

The young women are all clueless in Genue.

I had some really great meals in Gest.

I like go to Gether with my friends.

I helped all of the people in Grate, but nobody thanked me.

I got everyone to like me in Gratiate.

I get travel advice from Mer.

I will go to Morrow, but not right now.

I can't count how many times I've been in Numerable.

I drove by Pass, but I didn't drive in.

I sent my new gardening book to Piary.

I am sometimes in Scrutable, especially when trying to explain advanced mathematics.

I have been in Serted. I didn't go there, someone put me there.

I lived in Sistent over everyone's objections.

I've sometimes been in Solent, but only with people who deserved it.

I drove in Stant for just a few seconds.

I had a fine time in Stinct. Somehow I was sure I would.

I hear they have a great engineering school in Stitute.

I have been in Sulted, but I gave as good as I got.

I felt like Clark Kent in Superable.

I stayed in Surrection to protest against the government.

I spent weeks in Terior, but I never went outdoors.

I attended a lecture in Terminable. I could hardly wait until the speaker was in Conclusion.

I have been in Termittent time and time again.

I solved lots of puzzles as I traveled across Tics.

I would be in Terpret already, if I could understand the directions.

I have a hunch I will soon be in Tuition.

I hated being in Ure, but I got used to it.

Mineral rights are really cheap under Valued.

I went in Vasion by force.

I stayed in Vitation at their request.

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